Started in 2010, The Rumbarger Cemetery Initiative provides for the long-term preservation and maintenance of the City's historic burial grounds. Along with the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion, the initiative honors the men and women of our Armed Forces, protects the cemetery's heritage, and conducts research into local history via the study of gravestones and genealogy.  As a precious cultural resource and historical asset, the historic Rumbarger Cemetery serves as a focal point of the cultural legacy of the City of DuBois.
To provide for the long-term maintenance and preservation of the cemetery, the initiative encourages community stewardship of the City's oldest graveyard and  a spirit of volunteerism to preserve and promote the history of DuBois through the cemetery's legacy.  Be part of it !


DuBois, Pa.
The Preservation Society Began Restoration in 2010

Rumbarger Cemetery Was  Founded In The
Late 1870's